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Reflections from EIT TandL2008

Page history last edited by Hazel Owen 11 years, 5 months ago

These are a few notes that I made immediately after the session at EIT. It was the first time that I had used the model and framework with people, so it was rather nerve racking. No one laughed out loud though, and everyone seemed to be interested, engaged and enthusiastic. The whole session was 1 hour long, included a 25 minute presentation so it was a big ask for something I envisaged using over at least half to a whole day intially, with follow up sessions during the development phase, over time.


  • Each person had a computer which meant only a couple of people worked together which detracted from or circumvented  the integral 'discussion' phase. The people who did work together, however, had some interesting discussions.
  • One person said about the 'theory' section of the framework - "I don't have a theory". He had started checking his emails having been put off by the terminology. I chatted with him and asked him how he believed his students learned best, and after a few minutes when he had talked eloquently about this, I suggested he type what he had just said to me into the framework. The terminology seems to be a barrier - needs to be worked on.
  • One lady saw huge potential in the framework (especially as she is just working on integrating ICT into the curriculum that she teaches on). She is interested in being involved in a research study should I wish - she will email to follow up. Really positive. She also commented that up until that point the development process had been a piecemeal process and she saw how useful it would be if the process were to be guided and structured by a model.
  • Sessions need more discussion of the guided questions. Definitely needs a period of discussion before even looking at the framework - needs judicious facilitation - highlight the value of sharing knowledge, experience, and 'effective practices' before getting into design decisions.
  • Participants definitely need something specific in mind - probably good if at least 2 people who are working together undertake the process - possibly more. Something to think about in the future.
  • From discussion of how knowledge was constructed / learning takes place aspects that could be supported by ICT were identified (group work; videos to critique of someone completing a process or demonstrating a skill, discussion / negotiation of roles. modelled behaviour).
  • Interesting that some people had problems with logging in and found it difficult to find things on the PBWiki course such as the survey - couldn't find "Critiques and Comments". I need to provide more support here 1) make sure I can get online and/or have screen shots; 2) take people through the process; 3) have a board or other place that I can have the instructions showing all the time.



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