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Scenario overview

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Introduction Scenario ICTELT Model Possible Approaches
Key Design Points Programme of Social Services Appendices References



Programme of Social Services - one of the tutors teaching the Counselling Micro skills course (level 5 first year paper)

One of LOs - part of the first module is: Students will be able to identify key issues for effective intercultural and cross cultural communication and be able to demonstrate effective cross cultural communication.



  • Average class size: 30-40 students
  • Located: dispersed across Northland over 50% in rural areas
  • Socio economic profile:
  • 60% or over identify themselves as Maori
  • 90% women
  • 90 % are 35- 55 years old with family
  • 60% working full time
  • 80 % have not completed secondary school qualification
  • most lack academic study skills
  • low computer literacy.



  • has 15 years experience teaching in Counselling Micro skills course
  • great traditional class room based teacher with over 90% positive student evaluations
  • uses computer as a tool mainly e-mail and internet at a reasonable level but never had formal training
  • reluctant to use any technology in her teaching because she believes it is not appropriate and effective for this particular course and students.


The equipment and technology available:

  • laptops with audio and video capability are available to staff and students to book at the library on all learning sites
  • all campuses have wireless access
  • available technologies:
    • Web conferencing
    • LMS Moodle
    • Web 2.0 tools
    • text to mobile phones 


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