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Scenario Possible Approaches

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Introduction Scenario ICTELT Model Possible Approaches
Key Design Points Programme of Social Services Appendices References

Possible approaches for this scenario


In this scenario, initial contact by the tutor to an academic advisor would include discussion around

1) the students and their learning / practical needs;

2) the experiences and recommendations of the tutor based on their experiences;

3) recommendation from the tutor of activities and tasks that she feels could be enhanced;

4) any issues or challenges that she/he has encountered with the course and previous participants; and

5) the tutor's preferred pedagogy(ies) and beliefs around how her students learn.


Further discussion would be fostered through the collaborative use of the ICTELT model and completion of the framework (see Appendices 1, 2 and 3). The next step would be to work with the tutor with the ICTELT mindmap for scaffolding Learning Management System (LMS) design (see Appendix 5). Only once this groundwork had been undertaken, would ICT tools be considered (see Appendix 4) and then they would need to offer the greatest potential for realising the key pedagogical foci identified in the framework.


Evaluation of the effectiveness of the designs and implementation would be piloted, with feedback being gathered from all concerned stakeholders through a range of methods and research tools to create rich data, including observations, surveys, interviews, quizzes, exams, associated documentation, reflective blog postings, and discussion board postings.


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