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Trial Framework Space - Brian Waller

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Working individually, in pairs, or as a group:

  • use the ICTELT Process Model and the Worked Example -  ICTELT Framework Form to fill in the form below
  • type in your answers
  • you do not need to answer all the questions
  • this is a cumulative process so it is only your first draft. You can edit, add to, and improve it over time
  • Click 'Edit' at the top of this page to begin adding text
  • Click 'Save' at the bottom of this page to save your work




  • Brian Waller 
  •   EIT


Course teaching / specialisation

  •  Physics

Department / Area

  •  Science and Technology 

Which theory exemplifies my beliefs about the nature of knowledge and learning?

  •     Constructivist / problem solving 

What are key aspects of that theory?

  • ·     Build concepts based on context.  
  • ·     Students add to existing beliefs based on practical experiences and problem solving within the context. 
  • ·      

What key problems are learners facing?

  • ·    Relating new concepts to existing beliefs  
  • ·    Understanding mathematical modelling 

What issue(s) is / are there with the programme / unit / activity / learning object(s)?

  • ·      Access to practical activities at relevant times
  • ·       Individual tutorial assistance
  • ·      
  • ·      
  • ·      

Can ICT enhance the learning process? How?

·     Yes / No (underline one)


  • ·       Virtual Labs
  • ·       Discussion forums re problems encountered on course
  • ·      
  • ·      

·     Which ICT tool(s) fits with your pedagogical philosophy / approach?

·     What activities do you want learners to participate in?

·     What pedagogical strategies (support) do you want to include?

·     What pedagogical approaches (e.g. collaborative) do you want to use?

1)      Web 2.0 forums; virtual labs;

2)      Using web based resources to aid learning, problem solving amongst class.





What existing resources do you want to adapt?

  • ·     Practical based activities, face to face tutorials 
  • ·     Practical reports 
  • ·      

How do you want to measure the achievement of LOs?

  • ·       Practical reports 
  • ·     examination 
  • ·       online quiz

·  What is the estimated time / effort required?

·  What support / training is required?

·  What are key deadlines?

  • ·       120 hours
  • ·      
  • ·       Online experts


Please cite as: Owen, H. (2008). Collaborating by Design. Paper presented at the EFest 2008 conference. Auckland, NZ.


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