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Trial Framework Space - Carlos Gonzalez

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Working individually, in pairs, or as a group:

  • use the ICTELT Process Model and the Worked Example -  ICTELT Framework Form to fill in the form below
  • type in your answers
  • you do not need to answer all the questions
  • this is a cumulative process so it is only your first draft. You can edit, add to, and improve it over time
  • Click 'Edit' at the top of this page to begin adding text
  • Click 'Save' at the bottom of this page to save your work




  •   Carlos Gonzalez
  •   The Correspondence School


Course teaching / specialisation

  •   Spanish Language

Department / Area


Which theory exemplifies my beliefs about the nature of knowledge and learning?

  •      Eclectic approach.  Particular theory is applied to different content and skill to be learned

What are key aspects of that theory?

  • ·       It depends on the theory:
  • ·       memorising
  • ·       construct knowledge

What key problems are learners facing?

  • ·       Accuracy of their writing
  • ·      

What issue(s) is / are there with the programme / unit / activity / learning object(s)?

  • ·       doesn't provide enough learning strategies and explicit knowledge on the writing process
  • ·      
  • ·      
  • ·      
  • ·      

Can ICT enhance the learning process? How?

·     Yes / No (underline one)

  • ·       Learner collaboration to make learners aware of different learning strategies and dsicussion of the importance of the learning process as well as example on how to go about it
  • ·      
  • ·      
  • ·      
  • ·      
  • ·      

·     Which ICT tool(s) fits with your pedagogical philosophy / approach?

·     What activities do you want learners to participate in?

·     What pedagogical strategies (support) do you want to include?

·     What pedagogical approaches (e.g. collaborative) do you want to use?

1)      Learning platform

2)      talk about learning strategies, discuss the process writing

3)      facilitate discussion, provide list of websites or readings regarding learning strategies and the writing process

4)      Collaborative

5)      individual reflection


What existing resources do you want to adapt?

  • ·      
  • ·      
  • ·      

How do you want to measure the achievement of LOs?

  • ·      
  • ·      
  • ·      
  • ·      

·  What is the estimated time / effort required?

·  What support / training is required?

·  What are key deadlines?

  • ·      
  • ·      
  • ·      


Please cite as: Owen, H. (2008). Collaborating by Design. Paper presented at the EFest 2008 conference. Auckland, NZ.


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